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  • May 24 – 27, 2024, “NPMDT 13D Master”, in New Orleans (4 days)
  • June 23, 2024, 1-4 pm, NPMDT Energy Share in New Orleans (by invitation)

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I currently offer these workshops in the New Orleans area:
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  • Communication with Animals Workshops
    • Telepathic communication with animals and other beings is an ability we were each born with and for some reason “turned off”.
    • I offer 1-3 day workshops to assist in reactivating your innate ability and remembering how to use it – with lots of experiential exercises and practice communications!
  • New Paradigm MDT Workshops
    • An energy system that gives you tools to step into your mastery, learn to love yourself and remember your connection with all things as well as activations to channel energy through your hands;
    • I am certified to teach Basic Master, Basic Master Teacher and 13D Master workshops
  • Sensuality: A Key to Accessing Your Intuitive Powers
    • Sensuality, a deep awareness of what the senses perceive. Appreciation and acceptance for who and what you are.
    • Experience your senses fully for a day in this luxurious workshop!
  • Grounding: What it is, Why It’s Important and How to Do It
    • A full day of grounding! Need I say more?
  • Self Mastery: The New Comfort Food; or, Love Yourself and Eat It All — Coming soon!

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