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Hearts Communicate


What clients and students have to say about my work


  • Akashic Records

    CWL, Grass Valley, CA

    Your reading of my Akashic records put me in direct contact and open two-way communication with a higher aspect of my self, with whom I had become dis-integrated. Because of the reading, and the ensuing communications, I have become integrated with this aspect. Now instead of there being two of us, there is one. Although the hilarity of the situation no longer entertains my higher self aspect, the surety and the solidity of the integration serves me well. Thank you Faun.


  • Communication with Animals

    LW, Gretna, LA

    Faun, I am overwhelmed… Your conversation with Angel is far more revealing and believable (have to admit I was a bit skeptical but still very open to the process) than I could have ever hoped for… your power of communicating is breathtaking! And, you can actually teach others to communicate with their animals! What an amazing gift you have!”
    Sweet dreams and Golden hugs



  • Communication with Animals

    Sarah B

    Faun thank you for you. Thank you for all you are and all you do. It’s great to know that we can communicate with all beings.

  • New Paradigm MDT


    I thoroughly enjoyed Faun’s NPMDT basic class. It was an in-depth weekend that gave us many hands on techniques in grounding, clearing blockages and energy “healing”. I highly recommend this fun and informative class if you have any curiosity about energy work.

  • Sensuality


    In her Sensuality Workshop Faun inspires participants to explore as well as celebrate their appreciation of the real world senses. The guided exercises she presents throughout the day help participants to enhance their ongoing experience of the sensual world. An added bonus of the workshop I attended was the opportunity to meet and share with an amazing group of women who each joined in the work with their whole spirit.