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Energy Therapy

“Love in our hearts, energy in our hands”: Energy treatments and workshops

NPMDT Energy Therapy

The New Paradigm MDT system uses a powerful energy whose core essence is Love without conditions, non-judgment and freedom from fear and the energies can be a means for self empowerment. Those who participate in workshops and are activated with New Paradigm MDT energies are strongly impacted by them and are assisted in moving  towards balance. Blockages of all kinds – physical, emotional, mental, energetic and multi dimensional – are cleared to make this balance possible.  Workshop participants are then able to implement the New Paradigm MDT energies as a hands-on transformation and healing system  for transforming and healing the self and facilitate transformation and healing for others.

Dis-ease means a lack of energy in a particular place in the body or in the totality of the body/mind/emotions/spirit and the New Paradigm MDT energy can rebalance these aspects and take a person from dis-ease to ease.

New Paradigm MDT treatments are done very simply by laying the hands on a person (or animal) or by consciously transmitting the energy to that person over any distance. 

When the energy comes into the person’s body and energy system it creates a situation in that person which allows this balancing to take place, if they so will it.

Those who work with the energy of NPMDT (whether simply for themselves, or with others) integrate this living in the mode of love without conditions, non-judgment and non-fear more and more in their lives. This process makes their lives steadily more balanced and their general sense of well being one of being in balance and at ease.

New Paradigm MDT energy works well with other modalities.  I often combine it with Flower Essence Therapy and Vibrational Sound Therapy.


Punk'n gets an energy treatment
Punk’n receives an energy treatment

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Disclaimer: Faun Fenderson is not a physician and does not diagnose or treat physical or mental illness. When there are serious illnesses, injuries, or mental/emotional problems, a physician of your choice should be consulted. Energy therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment.