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  • Second, send an email to me at to schedule the appointment, with the details (date, time, contact info) – and for gift certificate or flower essences: name of recipient and where to send it

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Animal Communication


1- “Live” Communication
A one-hour 3-way communication with you, your animal friend and me on the telephone or skype at a scheduled time.

  • “Live” Animal Communication Session
  • $100

2- Emailed Communication
A one-hour communication with your animal friend on my time schedule – after speaking with you via telephone to learn your questions and concerns. A a transcript of the conversation will be emailed to you.

  • Emailed Animal Communication Session
  • $175



New Paradigm MDT

Energy Treatments

I offer hands-on and distant NPMDT energy treatments to help facilitate healing for humans and animals.

  • Brain balancing – 3-5 minutes
    Helps to relieve headaches, is an energy booster, and more…
  • $20
  • 45 minute NPMDT energy treatment session, in person or distant – for you or your animal friend
  • $75

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Vibrational Sound Therapy Sessions

I offer these sessions using Himalayan Bowls to help facilitate relaxation and healing.

  • 45 minute vibrational sound therapy session
  • $75

Akashic Records

  • One hour Akashic Records consultation/reading – for you or your animal friend
  • $75


Flower Essences

  • One hour Flower Essence consultation/session – for you or your animal friend
  • $75
  • Purchase Flower Essences
  • $15