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Hearts Communicate

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Testimonials – Communication with Animals

TL, Metairie, LA

Made me cry. I love my Sunny. Funny he told you about the cheese. Every morning I split my cheese in half with him. He knows the routine and waits by my chair for me to sit. Cheddar and American cheese slices is what he loves. I do see big changes. Wish I could talk to him like you.

ER, New Orleans

i think what you did for us really got things moving in the rt direction and I’m so grateful to you. i re read y’all’s conversation and it continues to blow my mind. inspire and impress me. i’ve gotten better at letting boogie have his own time and space.”

LG, Baton Rouge, LA

Thank you so much, Faun, for doing this for me. The messages are so sweet & full of love. I’ll print your conversations with the girls and save them always.

You have a special gift, Faun. Thank you again.

LW, Gretna, LA

Faun, I am overwhelmed… Your conversation with Angel is far more revealing and believable (have to admit I was a bit skeptical but still very open to the process) than I could have ever hoped for… your power of communicating is breathtaking! And, you can actually teach others to communicate with their animals! What an amazing gift you have!”
Sweet dreams and Golden hugs

JB, New Orleans

I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I love Charles so much my heart is overflowing. This is a precious gift. Thank you”

CR, California

Dear Faun,
Thanks again for the reading. The most amazing part is that Spike sounded exactly as she would sound if she could speak human. It was so enlightening… Blessings on you & yours