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Testimonials – Sensuality Workshop


It is so refreshing to take a moment to cater to my senses. Who would have thought I needed the moment?! Indeed I did and I am so grateful to take this sensuality Class with Faun and really engage with my senses, intuition, and self awareness. I am still finding myself taking extra time to enhance skills that I’ve learned from this Sensuality class with Faun. Also the beautiful souls in that class were perfect. Such a memorable engaging experience.
With Infinite Love and Light


The process of getting in touch with your senses helps you to relax. And it did not seem like it was all day… it was warm and all my senses are happy.


In her Sensuality Workshop Faun inspires participants to explore as well as celebrate their appreciation of the real world senses. The guided exercises she presents throughout the day help participants to enhance their ongoing experience of the sensual world. An added bonus of the workshop I attended was the opportunity to meet and share with an amazing group of women who each joined in the work with their whole spirit.