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Faun and Pauhlino 1984

“How to Communicate with Your Animal Friends: the Basics”:

(1 day, 6-8 hrs.) Learn the basics of communicating telepathically with animals (and all beings), living or in spirit. Workshop will include usable tools and exercises in connecting with your heart, guided meditations, practice telepathic communication with living animals and those in spirit, and more. (Animals will not be present physically!) Every one can do this!

What we will do in the workshop:

  • Discuss communication & telepathic communication
  • Discuss the blocks to communication
  • Meditation to connect with the heart
  • Exercises in feeling energy & increasing intuition
  • Exercises to still the mind
  • Exercise to be present in Nature
  • Six+ exercises communicating with animals: a living animal teacher, animals living & in spirit, & your own animal friends
  • Other useful communication tools


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Students’ comments about the Basics workshop:

Faun is a great facilitator and makes participants feel welcome and at ease which makes the overall workshop experience more enjoyable and productive. She is so encouraging which is especially important to those of us who are new to animal communication. Faun assured us we are all capable of this amazing communication. In fact, we are already using this skill, we just don’t realize it.

The guided meditations in class are very useful to teach us ways to still and clear our minds and open ourselves and our hearts to communicate with all entities, animals and inanimate.

The communications we experienced with our own beloved animals (living and in spirit) and those of Faun and our classmates served to amaze and convince us of this incredible ability.

Thank you, Faun, for being such a wonderful guide to each of us as we seek to improve our skills in animal communication.


Faun’s Animal Communication class is amazing! She is an excellent teacher and the information was presented in an way that was easy to understand and apply. I have traveled all over the country for similar classes and my teachers have been some of the best including Doreen Virtue. I feel Faun’s is in this caliber of Spiritual instructors. And, the message that I received from my cat Chester during the class was the same message that was given during the service at my Church the next day! I am looking forward to more classes.
Barbie Stoll

I took Faun’s Animal Communication Class and loved it! I wasn’t sure that I would be successful in being able to hear animal communications, but Faun has devised the flow of the class perfectly! The strategically arranged exercises and relaxing meditations gently bring you along to where you are in a perfect state to be able to “hear” the animals. And she has such a huge love and passion for animals and animal communications that it’s contagious. She speaks the truth when she says that everyone has this ability. I didn’t think I did, but she proved to me that I could do it! Thank you, Faun!
– Sabine Brebach

Students’ comments about the Part Two workshop:

It was a great day! Even though I don’t practice enough, I felt a significant growth in confidence and ease of contact from Part 1. Great teacher! Great group! Great energy! Thanks to all!
– Cindy O’Donnell

Thank you Faun for the gifts you and your beautiful family share with us. Your loving spirit has guided me in my growth. I so enjoy your classes. You create a secure and nourishing space for us to flourish. Thank you again for bringing in Cecil. He’s a wise, gentle, love filled soul as are you. XO
– Anjeanne Weiss

It was a great experience and I feel so much more confident in my ability to “hear” those who don’t use spoken language. Thank you, Faun! And thank you to all the other participants for opening your hearts and creating space. Love and light.
– Sabine Brebach

I had a wonderful time and met some very amazing people at Faun’s animal communication class. I felt so connected thru the love we all experience for these amazing creatures. Faun was able to build trust and excitement by reminding us that we all have the ability to communicate if hearts meet and we wipe away judgement. Accepting the purity of the contact is step number one. Thank you beautiful friend for a most meaningful and beautiful class. Also please thank your beautiful babies for their assistance. They are indeed adorable and special. Hope to see you soon. This moring I told my babies that they need to help me do this so that I can be the best mom to them as I can be. Let the magic begin!!!
– Tianne Lastra

Very interesting introduction to the world of communicating with animals.
– Deb Kohler

“How to Communicate with Your Animal Friends: Part Two”:

(1 day, 6-8 hrs.) More in-depth communication tools and lots more practice communicating with your animal friends, with a focus on the “conversation”. Workshop will also include additional tools and exercises in connecting with your heart, guided meditations, practice telepathic communication with living animals and those in spirit, and more. (Animals will not be present physically!)

What we will do in the workshop:

  • More about what communication is & our responsibilities
  • What the blocks to communication are
  • How to get past them
  • Meditation to connect with the heart
  • How to connect with the heart on a daily basis
  • Exercise in having a conversation without words
  • Six+ exercises communicating with animals – conversations
  • How to practice at home


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“Introduction to Animal Communication: Preparing Yourself to Communicate with Animals”:

(2 hrs.) This mini-workshop is for the absolute beginner. It is a bare bones introduction to energy and how to feel it, the chakras, and how we are connected to each other – all as relates to learning to speak with your animal friends. Some fun exercises to stimulate your dormant abilities!

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Faun and Pauhlino 1984

Faun and Pauhlino 1984

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