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Let’s Do Something Different This Year!

Let’s Do Something Different This Year!

This lovely camellia (Tama Vino Camellia Japonica) is blooming!  Doesn’t it know it’s Winter? It’s cold?  Well, yes it does!  That’s when it likes to bloom… it spends all year avoiding the sun getting ready for this moment. And just look at those blooms! Interesting that the beautiful buds are pointing up to the sky as if they’re getting input from their surroundings… and the blossoms!… once they’ve opened fully, are so heavy and full of that information they’ve collected that they face downwards, looking toward the camellia plant.

Just like us humans over the past year or two… we’ve been looking at what’s been going on around us, taking it all in, closed up tight! Isn’t it time to open our buds and bloom our hearts out?… to look inward like the camellia at what we know, who we are…. and  share our bloom with the world?!

Put the past year(s) behind us.  Let’s do something different this year: BLOOM! Be the fullness of who we are! Open to the world and to ourselves…

With sparkly blooms (and love!),