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Doing Things Differently!

Doing Things Differently!

Oh my! Enjoying my morning cup of tea under the satsuma tree (Citrus unshiu) as it’s spring blossoms are beginning to open… their intoxicating scent filling the garden. Uplifting, encouraging, a sense of playful perseverance. I want to sit here forever – well, for at least much longer than my brain says I should.

Satsumas are one of the sweetest and most cold-hardy citrus fruits – they’re much loved in South Louisiana – and other places too I would imagine. And it all begins with the blossom (OK, maybe the seed has something to do with it too!). The blossom is the beginning of the satsuma fruit – its delicate dance into the sensual world of the physical. Blossoms to fill the nose and heart. Then fruit to awaken the taste buds and feed the body. Satsuma energy to lighten up the soul and give me courage to be me.

These tiny flowers even made it through a strong rain storm!

It’s amazing how they just know how and when to blossom and begin to create their fruit… as though Mother Nature is whispering in their plant ears: “It’s time to wake up dear!”

No need to worry, to plan, make goals – they just LISTEN! And know. And Be.

Here I am sitting in their delightfully fragrant energy … feeling their strength and determination – and the sweet smell is reminding me of the joy that comes from fully engaging my senses – seeing these lovelies, smelling, tasting, touching them, and yes, listening to them as they grow – I don’t even have to breathe deeply to take it all in, to be a part of this Satsuma Blossom Dance. It is powerful!

Listening – to life around me – makes such a difference!

With sparkly blooms (and love!),