Hearts Communicate

Questions You May Have

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How does animal communication work?

Animal communication is telepathic communication – which is simply sensing or reading the thoughts, feelings, and images that are received. Animal communicators typically have a heightened intuition and can sense what your animal is trying to say during the consult.

What can I gain from an animal communication consult?

You get the opportunity to understand your animal’s point of view. Besides deepening the bond with your animal, a consultation can be extremely helpful in understanding the underlying causes of behavioral issues or emotional problems. It’s also interesting to get your animal’s perspective on things going on in your life. Yes, they know a lot more about you than you realize!

How do I prepare for the consultation?

You may find it helpful to make a list of questions and concerns before the appointment. This will help you get the most out of the consultation time. You must be honest, open, and willing to participate in solutions.

Does my animal have to have a problem or illness to do a consultation?

No. In fact many clients call to check in on the animal’s well being, to see what the animal may want or need, or to see if the animal has any words of wisdom for the family’s benefit.

Can Faun tell why an animal is sick?

Faun does not diagnose illnesses or prescribe treatments. That is the role of an animal health professional. She can, however, ask the animal where pain or discomfort exists. She can determine other important information to assist you and your veterinarian in helping the animal.

Can Faun tell my animal to stop doing a certain behavior?

The most respectful approach is to listen to the animal and learn from their perspective as to why they are exhibiting a certain behavior. Often, what a person perceives as a bad or annoying behavior can have a good and loving intention behind it. Once the details are uncovered, solutions can be discussed and compromises made on behalf of the animals and people to once again create harmony and balance in the home.

Does Faun need to be physically present to do a consultation?


What do Faun’s consultations/sessions consist of?

Typically, Faun will have a three-way conversation over the telephone with you and your animal friend; she will first discuss with you the concerns and questions that you have. Then she will have a conversation with your animal to discuss these. You may ask questions and discuss any follow up concerns that you have.

How does this work over the phone?

This is not a literal communication in the same manner that most people usually talk. The connection occurs through love and your bond with the animal. Faun acts as a kind of translator. She expresses your comments to the animal and provides the animal’s replies. She will tell you what she hears and senses during the conversation.

Do my animals need to be with me when I am on the phone?

It is not necessary to have the animals in a particular location. And no, you don’t need to hold the phone to their ear! It is best to let them do whatever is comfortable. If you are near the animal when having the consult it is common for them to come into the room and get very relaxed. Sometimes they even fall asleep. And yes, they can still communicate with us while they are snoozing. It’s best to be in a quiet place to facilitate the necessary focus and concentration.