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XOld – Message from the whales

Transcript of channeling at the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic, 22 March 2013

As a part of the trip organized by Teresa Wagner to be with the whales in the Silver Bank the participants were each asked to bring a gift for the whales. I was “told” that my gift would be a channeling from the whales and that it would be for both the whales and the humans. Everyone was asked to form a circle and to hold hands. On the last day of the trip I channeled this message:

I am the Council of Cetacean Elders. We have come to be with you to bring you the love, the joy and friendship from another world, another dimension, and that is the dimension of the Cetacean. We call this the dimension of the cetacean because we come from another planet. We are here with you on your planet to share our love, our life, our outlook, our connection to all that is. We are here to BE in this space with you. We’re very very very delighted that you are here at this time in the physical to share our space, our home, with us on this planet. You are the way-showers on the planet. You are the ones to bring the message of the whales – of the love – to the rest of the world, to the rest of the planet Earth. We asked you to hold your hands because you’re feeling our energy. The energy is pulsing, pulsing, pulsing through the channel to each of you. We give you a moment to just feel the energy. Take a few deep breaths and experience the love that we share with you.

You are being imprinted with this love energy. It will stay with you as long as you choose to keep it with you. And we give you a special message for bringing it forward in your life. Whenever you choose to use this whale love energy, think of us. We send you our love and the energy. And we, through you, are taking the human imprint to the whales, so that the whales who are here in this area of the Silver Bank can feel the love that you humans have for whales and for all things and we are sharing that energy with them at this moment. So that they know that humankind is becoming more open to all that is, to the energy of the planet, the energy of other domains. And we are very happy about this change in the energy of planet Earth. We, again, are extremely, extremely happy that you are here to help share this energy with the whales and mankind. And at this time we send you our love – a very very big whale love – through your hands, to your hearts. And we bid you good day.