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Hearts Communicate


We are all beings that live on and with the Earth. Our dis-ease and struggles can be traced to our disconnection from the Earth… yet there are many many ways to reconnect with the Earth and it’s other inhabitants… to become whole again. It begins with heart-centered – as opposed to mind-centered – living and communication.

I invite you to explore with me some ways to regain wholeness and a connection with the Earth and our own selves… through loving and compassionate communication – with animals, with ourselves, with other humans . . . with all beings – by engaging our heart energy and vibration: through the use of Himalayan bowls, flower essences, telepathic communication, connecting with our higher/inner selves, and hands-on and distant energy work.

My newsletter, “Messages from the Heart”, offers glimpses into more heart-connecting – and information about our activities.


What I provide can be called Holistic Communication –
communicating with all aspects of ourselves – from the physical, cellular… to the cosmic, multi-dimensional