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Thank You for Scheduling Your Distant Session

I’m delighted to see that you’ve scheduled a NPMDT distant energy session!

An email confirmation will be sent with some details to assist you in further preparing for the session.

Here are a couple of things to remember for your session:

  • It’s best to block off an hour of time for the session where you will be doing nothing.
  • Turn off the phone, stereo, etc. and find a quiet place to sit or lie down.
  • Close your eyes if that feels comfortable.
  • I will begin the session at precisely the given time.  I will begin by connecting with you and your I Am Presence; I will call on my helpers, your helpers, and any others (flowers, animals, etc.) that may wish to participate/assist. Then I will begin sending the energy. It will run for 45-60 minutes.
  • It may be helpful to have some paper or a journal handy to write down your experience once the session is complete.
  • If any interesting folks show up, I’ll send you an email with that information.
  • Feel free to connect with any questions or follow up.

If this session was scheduled for an animal friend:

  • Please ask your animal friend if they are willing to receive an energy treatment – ask out loud – you may not “hear” a “yes” answer but you will be certain if the animal does NOT wish a treatment!
  • No need for the animal to be in a particular place – they will receive the energies wherever they are!
  • If you are able to, make some notes regarding any changes that you noticed following the session and email them to me if you wish.
  • I will send you an email with any observations, etc. that I receive during the session.

I’ll be connecting with energies soon!
With sparkly love,