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Testimonials – Vibrational Sound Therapy

“Dear Faun,
Thank you for introducing me to Vibrational Sound Therapy. It was a new concept for me, and I welcomed the opportunity
to tap into a new spiritual healing tool.

Through the years I have encountered various body/mind/spirit modalities for healing the soul. VST created a powerful modulating energy that immediately resonated with me.

When the different tonal singing bowls were placed on various parts of my body, it produced a variety of effects. The range was from joyful laughter to an emotional release of sadness and poignancy. Ultimately, I felt a peaceful sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, as well as feeling grounded and centered.

Throughout the session, I could sense your healing energies. Your professionalism, gracefulness, along with your personable style added to the amazing and wonderful experience!