• Trust… and Wait

    This is George – in his typical spot on top of the shed waiting for his meal. The photo is a little blurry because George won’t let me get close enough to take a sharp photo. Yes, he’s a Street Boy… he visits our garden from time to time when he feels called to, which can be twice a day every day for 3 weeks to once every 4-5 weeks.

    This morning I realized that it had been more than a while since I’d last seen George. As I was preparing breakfast for the Family Cats I put aside a little for George. I gave everyone their meal and then sat in the garden for 20 or 30 minutes to peacefully prepare myself for the day. As I was sitting there, I called to George telepathically asking him to come for breakfast, telling him that I missed him. I had a vague connection with him, which wasn’t unusual.

    I went back to the kitchen to make a second cup of tea and told myself that George wasn’t coming this morning and gave the food I’d saved for him to one of the Family as an extra bit, and then I returned to the garden. As I sat on the bench, I looked up and there was George running in front of me! I told him “hello, so glad to see you!” and that I had some food for him – he ran through the garden to get to his spot on the shed.

    As I served him some special food that seemed appropriate for his response to my call, I told him that I was very glad to see him and that he was always welcome (as long as he respects the Family Cats). He looked at me for a very long time before approaching his dish. He seemed genuinely glad that I had called to him, though he had nothing to say. George is not very talkative – even telepathically.

    This episode with George has reminded me – and hopefully you too – to TRUST my instincts, my intuition … and then to WAIT for the event to unfold. I put aside food for George intuitively knowing that he would show up today – then second-guessed myself and gave away his food because I didn’t wait long enough for George to show up! We always seem to be in a hurry for things to happen… but the Universe isn’t on Human time! Nor are cats!!

    copyright © Faun Fenderson

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