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Mark W (RE: Basic Master workshop)

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Mark W (RE: Basic Master workshop)

My mind is still swirling with new the new information, processes and techniques that we learned this past weekend. Thank-you Faun, you were fabulous.

I don’t know exactly what I expected from this weekend’s workshop, but I know I left with an more opened mind and an outlet to attempt to reach a continuous positive energy. I also feel that I got rid of a lot of negative energy I had bundled up inside. I am still digesting much of that to which we were exposed, but I have an inner excitement that there is a place in my life for positive energy and love without conditions.

Finally, I just want to say that my level of positive energy was raised when I met six very diverse and wonderful people at the training workshop. The levels of openness to Shamballa appeared to be mixed at the onset of the training, however, I believe that everyone left with more openness and a willingness to explore that which was very new to some of us, including me. It definitely expanded my mindset.
Bivracha (with a blessing)