• Joy

    These are Zinnia flowers… one of their main purposes is to share JOY… to be it, to inspire it, to heal with it… Zinnia’s very presence brings joy to the eyes… its joyful energy fills us! Even just thinking about a zinnia flower or looking at a photograph of one can bring a little joy and openness to our hearts. Imagine what an entire field of zinnias must feel like!

    When our hearts are open and receptive to life around us, JOY naturally fills all of the empty spaces and radiates through every part of our bodies, through every organ and cell, and permeates our DNA… and from there, it oozes out into the world where everything we come into contact with senses it. Feels it. And enJOYs it along with us. As if we were a zinnia!

    Unfortunately living in the physical world is often very challenging to the openness of our hearts… (big sigh) and consequently, sometimes it seems that JOY has disappeared forever.

    Open your heart… be a zinnia (or get one)!… let the JOY begin!

    My love to you,

    copyright © Faun Fenderson

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