Akashic Records

Wondering what to expect?? Here’s what some of my clients had to say about their readings:

Faun is a most clear channel. In her heart, resides the ego-less place of service. As she inquires on your behalf to the Keepers of the Akashic Records, the powerful imagery flows from her. Experience teaches her not to question the knowledge but to pass it along to her client. Most of the imagery from my readings are Warner Brother cartoon characters, one of the most prominent being the Tasmanian Devil. As Taz bestows his wisdom as only he can, Faun unquestionably translated the messages.

The epiphanies roll in succession for days after the reading, providing much needed clarity. I am eternally grateful for Faun’s willingness to be the vessel on my behalf. I have never felt more comfortable in this incarnation.
Blessings, Esme NY

“Thank you so much for my akashic reading. I can’t begin to tell you the peace of mind it has given me. I understand a lot more about my life in general. Even though I am definitely going to work on opening my own records one day, it’s gratifying to know that I can always depend on you if I need help.”
SV, Louisiana

“Thank you so much for the wonderful reading yesterday. I am still blown away! … There are no accidents and the guidance which you received and related was just perfect! … The love and the caring from you and all of the Divine Beings assisting us came through so clearly, and I have absolutely no doubt about the authenticity of what you received. What a gift! You are a clear and beautiful channel…”
JT, California

“Your reading of my Akashic records put me in direct contact and open two-way communication with a higher aspect of my self, with whom I had become dis-integrated. Because of the reading, and the ensuing communications, I have become integrated with this aspect. Now instead of there being two of us, there is one. Although the hilarity of the situation no longer entertains my higher self aspect, the sureity and the solidity of the integration serves me well. Thank you Faun.”
CWL, Grass Valley, CA

“I just wanted to thank you again for the Akashic Record Reading! You were dead on and it has already begun to make a difference in my life, which I feel will lead to a total shift!”
PD, Rhode Island

“Thank you so much for the amazing reading; it really moved me on an emotional level. I’m still reviewing the notes I took and processing everything I’ve learned.”
AL, California

The Akashic Records can be explained as an energetic imprint of all that is, was, and may be: the experiences of all lifetimes in all realities. They are like the DNA of the Universe. Some describe the Akashic Records as a book that contains the history of each soul as well as all that it is now and may be in the future. Each being has an Akashic Record. As do groups, events, organizations, and places. They contain information on every aspect of life such as work, family, relationships, health.

In our everyday lives we access the Akashic Records through intuition, prayer, meditation, and insight. This connection can be deepened by focusing our intuition and inner guidance through our heart and various techniques are taught for accessing the Akashic Records.

While we can open the Records ourselves, we can gain valuable insight and clarity through an Akashic Records consultation by someone who has experience and expertise in working with the Records.

I offer Akashic Records readings in person, on the telephone or via Skype. Please contact me for more information or to schedule an Akashic Records consultation.

Prepare for your Akashic Records Consultation

Be prepared for your reading by making a list of the questions or areas about which you may want information. As examples, you might wish to consider issues concerning health, relationships, family, finances, career, and so forth. “Why…?” “What…?” and “How…?” questions are more productive than “Who…?” “Where…?” and “When…?” questions.


  • One hour consultation/reading – for you or your animal friend
  • $75



  • First, send an email to me via this website
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For more information email me at: info@heartscommunicate.com