Through our hearts

we communicate openly and with love -- there is no fear, no doubt, no judgment

The love from our hearts

is felt by everyone that we communicate with -- in words, actions, thoughts

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We live to LOVE

to bring that LOVE into our lives

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Our Hearts

always tell us the truth not just what we want to hear

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With love.... always

... that is the only way!

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Flower Essences

.... a form of energy used in the healing process, that energetically addresses a particular emotional issue or range of issues - for human and animal alike. Read more....

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Animal Communication

My aim is to help solve problems through heart-based private sessions with your animal friend and workshops in basic telepathic communication. Read more and check out the workshop schedule!

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Energy Therapy: NPMDT

Private energy therapy sessions for personal transformation and healing and NPMDT Basic Master, Basic Master Teacher and 13D Master workshops. Read more and check out the workshop schedule!

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Akashic Records

An Akashic Records reading can assist you in accessing life-changing information about yourself. Learn more and read how others have experienced the readings I've done for them.


See the Calendar

  • Dec. 10-11, 2016 - NPMDT Basic Master Workshop - New Orleans
  • Oct. 13-17, 2017 - Soaring Beyond Time & Space Workshop with John Armitage - Peace Valley Sanctuary, near Caddo, Ark.
  • Oct. 21-22, 2017 - StarGate Workshop with John Armitage - New Orleans


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